Director Pradeep Ranganathan is a man who doesn't back down from a challenge as proven during the making of his upcoming film, "Comali".

The script had a flood sequence in it, specifically, the massive Chennai flood that had happened in 2015. The director intended on making the scene equally as epic as the real one, except, he had to shoot the scene in the summer... during a water shortage.

That might set the team back a tiny bit, wouldn't you have thought so? Seems like the director likes a good challenge because he came up with a brilliant solution - sea water!

"We brought sea water and treated it to reduce the salinity as standing in salty water for long would lead to issues like itchiness," he revealed.

Since the script also required a continuous downpour of rain as well, the crew had to recreate that too. "Everyone on set was drenched to the core. It was definitely a difficult scene to shoot, even though it appears in the film only for five minutes," said Pradeep.

Talking more about the flood scene, he said "We have recreated the flood situation that happened in the Madipakkam area, which was one of the worst affected in the floods. We shot this sequence over three days, with the cast and crew working day and night on all these days. Actors Jayam Ravi, KS Ravikumar and Vinodhini were part of this shoot."

One of the main challenges was to ensure the safety of the cast and crew because they were shooting with electrical equipment in knee-deep water.

"Safety was our priority and we had to ensure that there was no mistake. We planned the whole thing extensively using 3D modelling," Pradeep explained.

The other challenge was to ensure that the tank where the water was filled up did not burst open due to pressure.

"We'd heard of such a thing happening when a few others had shot similar scenes. So, we built the tank, about 150 metres long, two weeks prior to the shoot and strengthened it with pillars before beginning the set work inside it," he said.

Actor Jayam Ravi who was last seen in the action flick "Adanga Maru" will be playing nine roles in this film.

Source: Times of India
Photo Credit: Times of India