Kollywood's veteran actor Visu is a well-known scriptwriter, director, stage, film, and television actor, singer, as well as a talk-show host - who was famous for directing family-genre movies which have very impactful social messages.

The actor who entered the Kollywood industry in the 70s, won National Film Awards for his movie 'Samsaram Athu Minsaram' in the 80s and 'Neenga Nalla Irukanum' in the 90s.

Now in a recent interview, the actor spoke about how the industry has changed - from focusing on the storyline, now the movies are more commercialized.

Visu directed his last movie in the year 2001 but remained in the industry by playing small roles in movies until 3 years ago. He last appeared in the movie 'Manal Kayiru 2' in the year 2016.

"Things have changed now. From being busy in the industry, I've become too free and financially unstable. And I can even notice differences in the way my family members are treating me. Maybe that's why I'm looking forward to getting opportunities in the movies," he said.

However, things have not been fruitful for the actor.

"I was asked to play roles that didn't suit my age. Recently, I was even asked to write a story for an adult movie. I'm an award-winning director, and I should not be treated this way," says Visu.

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