All Astro customers can look forward to the premiere of thought-provoking local Tamil documentary series Netrikan on 5 September, 9pm on Astro Vinmeen HD (Ch 202) via TV, Astro GO and On Demand.

With local filmmaker Shanmugam as the director, and executive producer Gandhimathi Suppiah behind this series, Netrikan bound to captivate viewers as it takes an in-depth approach to address unique beliefs, religious practices, astrology, ancient myths and ceremonies engulfing local communities.

The 13-episode documentary stars upcoming local talent Pugal Ara, as the host. In addition to addressing these issues, each 30-minute episode will also provide insights, independent views, thoughts, and real-life experiences.

New episodes of Netrikan premiere every Sunday, at 9pm on Astro Vinmeen HD (Ch 202), or stream anytime on Astro GO and On Demand.

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