Social media is a platform to help us connect with the rest of the world. But some irresponsible people take advantage of this platform to pretend like someone else, especially celebrities.

Among the celebrity who faced this issue if none other than actress cum TV host Swathi, who is known to many as Colors Swathi.

In a recent Instagram post, the actress revealed that she's currently not on Twitter and Facebook, and seldom use Instagram. She has deactivated her personal Facebook account in 2011 and has assigned someone to handle her Facebook page - which is currently

She further wrote how things used to be in those days - without smartphones and the Internet, where a landline assured a more quality conversation. However, she believes that social media now is full of fake people, fake gossips, fake images, and fake positivity.

The actress posted this after she learned about her fake social media accounts. Check out her social media post here: