With an increasing number of connected and WiFi-enabled devices in Malaysian households, every room in the house is becoming ‘smarter’. Fast and reliable broadband is now essential for our everyday lives, be it for remote working, online learning, entertainment purposes such as gaming or simply streaming our favourite series – it is no longer something Malaysians can live without.

Tan Sian Tuang, Head of Broadband Business, Astro said, “Many Malaysian households continue to experience poor connectivity issues arising primarily from slow internet and WiFi ‘dead zones’, thus adding frustrations to their Internet experience. Staying true to our promise of creating a one-stop entertainment hub, Astro today unveiled a new level of seamless entertainment for Malaysians with the launch of Astro Fibre broadband bundled with its TV content packages.

"High-speed internet through Astro Fibre will complement our goal of delivering the best entertainment experience and broadband value proposition in the market through their Astro Boxes, Astro GO and global streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, HBO GO, iQIYI, TVBAnywhere+. Currently average weekly viewing (mins) has increased 17% y-o-y on connected boxes, and we hope the launch of Astro Fibre will drive a better viewing experience for customers," said Tan.

“Developed to address customers’ growing need for stronger connectivity to meet the demands of multiple devices all at the same time, Astro Fibre and TV content bundles offer high-speed broadband of 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 800Mbps with the latest WiFi 6 certified router offering significantly improved reliability and connectivity and flexible mesh subscription option. With the flexible mesh subscription, customers are now able to solve their weakened WiFi signal without being tied to any mesh device contract.

"This will allow a household to experience high-speed and stable WiFi or only ‘sweet spots’ in every corner of the house; enable seamless remote working and online learnings, stream 4K UHD TV shows, enjoy high-quality music from a smartphone to smart speaker, play latest online games with friends and browse social medias and web effortlessly," he added.

For the best entertainment and value, customers can pair their desired speed plans with any TV pack and enjoy bundle rebates of up to RM39.00 every month. The seven TV packages that were launched as part of the new Astro experience, are Primary, Entertainment, Sports, Movies, Entertainment Plus, Premium, and Platinum.

We aim to deliver the most seamless service experience in the market, starting with a WiFi Heatmap assessment by our experienced installers to ensure that the WiFi is set up right the first time around. This is followed by actively managing any weakened signal in customers’ homes through our Mesh WiFi solution and future innovations which will be available later this year.

As introductory offer, Astro Fibre bundled with content packages starts with all-new Pek Jimat Kencang RM129 which includes, 50Mbps to deliver most stunning streaming experiences, the Primary Pack consisting of more than 85 channels, and a free Mesh WiFi for 12 months at RM129.99. All existing and new Astro customers can sign up now at astrofibre.com.my or call 03-7481 3000. Join the conversation online with the hashtag, #wifikencang.