Bigg Boss Vanitha had an interesting year in 2020. She attained fame and kickstarted her TV career after participating in Bigg Boss S3. Her YouTube cooking channel quickly become a household name. Life seemed good for the star until she decided to tie the knot with filmmaker Peter Paul.

He's a married man who has been separated from his first wife Elizabeth Helen for seven years. Their Christian wedding ceremony which Vanitha later claimed to be an engagement became the talk of the town.

Many celebrities spoke out against Vanitha's decision to get married to Peter before his divorce from the first wife. The bold and vocal actress, TV host and filmmaker Lakshmi Ramakrishnan expressed her shock at the news on Twitter. Vanitha requested the star to 'mind her own business' and Lakshmi apologised to Vanitha on Twitter later.

However, the heated argument between Vanitha and Lakshmy Ramakrishnan during a LIVE interview went viral on the internet.
Some netizens claimed that Vanitha verbally abused Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and did not even let the latter to explain herself.
Months after the incident, Lakshmi revealed that she was heartbroken by Vanitha's words during the LIVE session.

"The way she said 'I'm also from this industry, don't you think I know about you' has hurt me and I can't believe a fellow colleague and actress from the industry would say that about me," Lakshmy said in an interview.

Her husband and daughter helped her move on from the incident. Soon, she started focusing on directing films again.

Here's a tweet Lakshmy posted that indicates she has come to terms with the interview:
Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: The News Minute & Indiaglitz