This is something else - Ram Gopal Varma had unintentionally revealed that he had committed a traffic violation on his way to watch "iSmart Shankar", which he would have gotten away with if he hadn't tweeted about it. Yes, you read that correctly.

Puri Jagannath, who is the protégé of Ram Gopal Varma, released "iSmart Shankar" starring Ram Pothineni on 18 July and RGV had went to watch it along with Ajay Bhupathi of "Rx 100" fame and Agasthya of "NTR" fame at the Sriramulu theatre in Moosapet, Hyderabad on Saturday.

He took to Twitter before watching the film to say, "Me, Rx 100's Ajay Bhupathi, and Lakshmi's NTR's Agasthya are together going today to watch #issmartshankar at 2 PM show in Sriramulu, Moosapet. We 3 are going to theatre in mass getups on a bike ."

Later in a series of tweets, Ram Gopal Varma shared photos and videos, tweeting, "RX 100's Ajay Bhupathi, Lakshmi's NTR's Agasthya and me on a bike triple riding without helmet on our way to see #issmartshankar. Sirrrr @purijagan Three mass characters on way to see ur #issmartshankar. Am looking like a pick pocket in my mass get up when I went to see #issmartshankar in Sri Ramulu theatre in Moosapet."

And then RGV became reckless and started joking that they were not stopped for the violation as the Hyderabad police were also busy watching "iSmart Shankar", and ignoring their traffic duties.

He tweeted, "Where is the Police? ..I think they are all inside the theatres watching #issmartshankar @purijagan @Charmmeofficial @ramsayz @NabhaNatesh @AgerwalNidhhi."

And the Hyberabad Traffic police responded to the tweet with a surprise of their own, a fine of Rs 1,300! That's RM 80.

They tweeted, "Thanks @RGVzoomin for reporting Traffic Violations. We expect the same responsibility in actually following the Traffic rules your self. By the way, why only theaters?, Traffic Police see a lot of drama, circus like below on roads every minute."

RGV didn't back down and replied with a weirder response. The director tweeted, "@cyberabadpolice gaaru, I loveeeee uuuuuuuuu and I want to kiss u non stop for 39 days for the fantaaaaastic work u are doing and if I had a second daughter I would have requested u to be my son in law".

Either RGV doesn't respect the law or the police, but either way, it is always best to wear helmets while on the road for everyone's sake.

Source: IBTimes
Photo Credit: Trendolizer