Oviya is a South Indian actress who became a very famous celebrity with a huge fanbase after taking part in the Bigg Boss S1 reality show.

The actress fell in love with a fellow contestant and the season 1 winner Aarav during the show. She later exited Bigg Boss after attempting suicide. Once the show was over, the actress even posted several selfies she took with Aarav.

While many believed that Aarav and Oviya were in a relationship, it came as a shock when Aarav announced his marriage to actress Raahei. Most of the Bigg Boss S1 participants attended the wedding, except for Oviya.

After the show, Oviya was part of several films, but her acting career didn't kickstart the way she expected.

Recently, several Bigg Boss contestants from different seasons like Losliya, Sakshi Agarwal, Ramya Randian, and Abhirami attended the Grand Finale of BB Jodigal. Oviya was also part of the guest star list.

The actress shared her look from the show on her Instagram page in which she visibly looked slimmer and paler than usual. Check out the picture here:

A post shared by Oviya (@happyovi)

Looking at her photo, many fans expressed their worry that she's not doing well. Even in the photos from the BB Jodigal set, Oviya appeared dull and not like her usual vibrant self.

Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: IB Times, Oviya's Instagram & Fathima Babu's Instagram