A recent unseen conversation between Balaji and Shivani's has stirred a heated discussion among the viewers of Bigg Boss.

Bala who's been one of the strongest contestants of this season was discussing with Shivani about taking the cash box and leaving the competition halfway.

In previous seasons, a box full of money will be sent inside the Bigg Boss house to tempt the contestants to leave the show just days before the finale.

Last year, Kavin took the option and left the house before he even realises that he was the possible winner of the season.

Now following Bala's discussion with Shivani, fans are predicting that Rio might be the title winner and not Aari if Bala leaves.

This is because the fans of other contestants except for the fans of Sanam and Anitha will be voting for Rio if Bala leaves the show. Thus the accumulation of votes might cause Rio to have more support compared to Aari, they said.

Guess we have to wait for over a week to find out what's about to happen in the show and who will walk away with the title.