Sanam is the Miss South India 2016, and an actress who finally participated in the Bigg Boss S4 show after much struggle.

The actress who started as one of the most hated contestants in the show slowly started gaining loyal fans for her individuality, competitive nature and fighting spirit.

While participants such as Nisha and Shivani were competing to get the 13th ranking in the call centre task, Sanam boldly opposed the rest for the top ranking.

Now following her eviction news, viewers are showing their dissatisfaction on social media stating that boring contestants such as Shivani, Ajeedh, Ramya, Ramesh, Nisha, Som and Gabby are still on the show, but the deserving contestant has been evicted.

#Sanam immediately went viral in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the United States, meanwhile, #NoSanamNoBiggBoss was used to oppose the verdict.

Recently, Balaji's fans made Sanam's old audio conversation with her ex-fiancee Tharshan viral on social media to tarnish her image - after a fight between Balaji and Sanam on the show.

Now some are speculating that this might be the reason for the lack of support during the voting, while some also claim that the show organisers have purposely sent her home to retain other contestants.