Legendary actor Rajinikanth's decision not to enter politics became a huge disappointment for his fans who were eagerly waiting for his political entry for years.

However, in his press statement, the actor justified his decision by saying that gathering huge crowds for election during the Covid-19 pandemic will incur a second wave and he would not risk the life of his followers and fans by doing so. He further stated that his team will continue to serve people without forming a party.

Now since the second wave of Covid-19 has created a crisis in India, the high court has announced that the recent election is the reason behind the worsening situation.

Following that, now people are praising Rajinikanth for predicting this, and for being a responsible citizen.

The hashtag #அன்றே_சொன்ன_ரஜினி is now trending. Check out Rajinikanth's press statement released at the end of 2020: