Even before Bigg Boss 3, Vanitha Vijayakumar was a well-known personality as she hails from a family of actors. Her personal life was on public display as she embroiled in a family dispute with her family and ex-husband.

It's been over a decade since the issue, Vanitha is estranged from her own family and her only son Hari till today. She has been raising her daughters as a single mother.

After her Bigg Boss entry, Vanitha changed herself for the better in many ways and netizens loved her frank behavior and boldness. The actress-turned-director is enjoying her new-found fame, however, she misses her family dearly.

Recently, Vanitha released a video of her special 'Claypot Fish Curry' recipe on her new and highly successful YouTube channel. She fondly talked about her father's seafood cravings and how their make-up artist used to buy fish and cook for him at the sets. This is the video:

Vanitha is still longing to reunite with her family and often posts about them on her social media. Last year, she tweeted a birthday wish to brother Arun Vijay but he never responded.

Let's hope the best for the Bigg Boss star!

Source: Youtube
Photo Credit: The News Minute