The Bigg Boss Tamil S5 has entered its third week and this week, one contestant out of the 15 nominated participants with the lowest votes will be leaving the show.

An unofficial voting conducted online predicted that Gemini-Savitri's grandson Abiney might be leaving the show after getting the lowest support, however, now news are making rounds that Abiney managed to escape the eviction, but a female contestant has been sent home instead.

Nadia Chang entered the Bigg Boss house as a pageant winner and social media influencer. Now, many are speculating that Nadia who hails from Malaysia got evicted after receiving the lowest votes among the rest.

Bigg Boss fans are eagerly waiting for the weekend episode with Kamal and to learn who might be leaving the show during the first eviction of this season. However, rumours about Nadia's elimination can only be confirmed during the show's telecast.

Source: Indiaglitz