A mother's grief knows no bound in humans and it seems to be true for animals too.

A female elephant had to witness her two-year-old calf being electrocuted to death at the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary while they were walking along the road. The calf, unfortunately, was too close to the transformer and brushed against an uninsulated cable connected to the transformer at a field of the Gobbilla Kotur village. It died on the spot.

The distressed mother unsuccessfully attempted to pick up the carcass off the ground but had to leave the premise when the dead body started attracting more and more people to the site.

The calf was given post-mortem and traditional pujas before given a burial on the same day at the fringe of the forest. After the burial, the forest officials decided to stop the power supply to the "offending" transformer and several other transformers in the adjoining fields, as they expected the angry mother to return and strike back at it with vengeance.

The next morning before sunrise, the mother elephant reportedly appeared again to the site of the incident and pulled down the transformer and snapped the "lifeless" cables.

Forest rangers who were camping nearby witnessed the destruction and were reported to have said that the angry elephant tried to uproot a couple of other transformers but abandoned the move later.

Before retreating into the sanctuary again at dawn, the agonised mother went to the burial site of her baby and it reportedly lifted its trunk and made one last outburst of grief before disappearing into the darkness.

Forest Range Officer (Palamaner) Madan Mohan Reddy confirmed the uprooting of the transformer by the angry mother elephant.

"This episode proves that elephants are not only wise, but they love their family and children and their emotions are immeasurable. Fortunately, we could guess what could happen in the next 24 hours. Luckily, we had stopped power supply at the location, avoiding further tragedy. Power supply would be stopped for another couple of days in the area," the official said.

Source: The Hindu
Photo Credit: The Hindu, The News Minute