Manikkam Narayanan is a producer who's a part of many popular serials and movies in the 90s, including Kamal Haasan's Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu.

The producer recently revealed in an interview the difficulties faced by producers in the industry.

He revealed that movie actors and movie distributors are the ones that make money in cinema, and not the producers.

He explained that cinema politics and favouritism are rampant in the industry, and even units such as Nadigar Sanggam will only take action on selective people who are not famous in the industry.

"I filed a complaint to Nadigar Sangam against actor Ajith eight years ago. But no action was taken on him till now," he added.

Previously, Manickam allegedly claimed that he lend a sum of Rs18 lakhs in two separate occasions in the 90s when Ajith was still a struggling actor, and claimed Ajith promised to act in his movie. Now he's accusing Ajith of failing to act in his movie and not returning the money.

Watch his interview here: