Film producer Gopi who hails from Chennai has lodged a complaint against popular Kollywood actor Vimal for allegedly cheating him of Rs5 crores. This issue has been going on for the past three years in regards to the movie 'Mannar Vagaiyara' and the actor has previously lodged a complaint against a trio for the same matter.

It was reported that the actor who turned a producer via the 'Mannar Vagaiyara' film has borrowed Rs5 crore from Gopi for the film production. However, the amount was not returned and the actor allegedly made death threats whenever the financier tried to get back the money.

The actor, who has previously lodged a police complaint on this matter, claimed that he has not borrowed money from the financier, but another person has taken the money using his name. He further claimed that he agreed to borrowing the money previously after being tortured by the scammer, but refrained from making legal moves as it would tarnish his reputation in the film industry.