Veteran director and actor Bhagyaraj was recently embroiled in controversy following the remarks he made at the launch of a book titled 'New India 22: PM Modi's Welfare Policies' in Chennai.

Bhagyaraj reportedly referred to critics of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as 'babies born prematurely when they were just three months old.'

"Only in the fourth month (of pregnancy) the mouth is formed. The ears are formed in the fifth month. This is why I say that they are born in the third month. They will neither talk nor hear what others have to say. We don't have to worry about it," he stated in the speech.

The filmmaker added that Modi should consider his critics prematurely born at three months.

His remarks sparked a storm of criticism from disability rights advocates, and the actor quickly apologised. Take a look at the video here:

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Source: SUN News
Photo Credit: OpIndia & Republic World