Astro customers can look forward to local Tamil romance series Magarantham premiering on 10 August, 9pm on Astro Vinmeen (Ch 202) via TV, Astro GO and On Demand.

Directed by local filmmaker Tinesh Sarathi Krishnan, this series stars popular local talents including Irfan Zaini, Chandhine Kaur, James Devan Arokiasamy and Thasha Krishnakumar.

Mahesvaran Balakrishnan, Assistant Vice President, Indian Channel Business (Astro Vinmeen), Astro, said, “We are excited to introduce Magarantham to customers, offering more relevant and quality Malaysian content for local audiences. It was a pleasure working with upcoming and popular local talents and we look forward to more successful collaborations together.”

Tinesh Sarathi Krishnan, Director, Magarantham, said, “Magarantham is very close to my heart as this is my debut series and the entire team has contributed to make this series a success. It is a breezy romance series with many elements that will tug at heartstrings. Magarantham is also relatable to people from all walks of life as it tells the tale of life and love, while nudging you to ponder upon your past, and the opportunity to mend broken relationships.”

The 22-episode series revolves around Madhan and Suseela who have bitter pasts from their previous marriages. Their families try to help them rebuild their lives by finding them new partners. How love blossoms between both of them is the crux of the story. Fans can also enjoy the theme song sung by Ganessan Manohgaran and M. Jagathess and music composed by M. Jagathess, now available on Astro Vinmeen (Ch 202), Astro Ulagam, YouTube and Spotify.

Enjoy new episodes of Magarantham, Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on TV and Astro GO or stream anytime On Demand. For more information, visit .