‘All Together Now Malaysia’ OR ‘ATNMY’ is the first singing competition that is open to all Malaysians with no age limit.

The show is open to solos, duos, or groups. Participants are free to sing any music genre in various languages. The winner of the first season will receive cash prize of RM50,000 and a trophy.

Originated and produced by BBC One, the show became a phenomenon across the world including Australia, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Norway, Colombia, Denmark, Finland and France.

Malaysia is the 17th country to follow suit and the first in Southeast Asia to adapt the show.

‘ATNMY’ retains the original format but with localised elements to suit the Malaysian audience culturally while adapting to our new social norms.

The amazing Sherry AlHadad will be hosting ‘ATNMY’ alongside a stellar line-up of 50 professional entertainment jurors with almost 250 participants partaking in the first season.

Celebrated host and personality, Dato’ AC Mizal will be anchoring the panel of jurors that consists of well-known entertainment faces be it singers, actors, comedians, radio DJs, hosts and social media influencers.

The show’s tagline, Bersatu Dengan Lagu (means uniting with songs) reflects the concept of diversity through the selection of jurors dan multiracial participants singing in various languages and genres.

Emarina Mohd Kamal, Channel Manager for Astro Ria said “As the pioneer of the intelectual property content in Malaysia, Astro is committed to introduce various programme formats, both locally and internationally that fulfill the needs of our audience.

It has been a while since we’ve last produced a singing competition that involves amateur singers. Hence, Astro Ria proudly presents ‘ATNMY’ to fill such void amongst our audience.

The last time Astro Ria aired an adapted international singing competition was in 2017 with Akademi Fantasia’s AF Megastar edition. Due to Astro’s bravery and pioneering effort of introducing a relatively unknown reality concept in 2003, such endeavour paid off as it changed the entertainment landscape while garnering massive success from fans all over Malaysia and Asia.

The whole process of adapting a show is not as easy as one may think. We must adhere to strict guidelines whilst inserting local elements to avoid any cultural insensitivity amongst our diverse audience. Then, we need to think outside the box creatively whilst standardising our look and feel based on the original format.

Official consultants were appointed by the format owner, Banijay Rights. They were also flown in ‘virtually’ from Amsterdam and Poland to share their experience, provide industrial training and advice to our local production crew in preparation for the show.

Besides that, the new norms in terms of production were prioritised. Based on its original format, the panel consists of 100 jurors had to be reduced to 50 jurors due to COVID-19 restrictions.

For the public’s information, we have postponed ‘ATNMY’ twice from its original date due to the unpredictability of the pandemic back then. During the postponements, we have enhanced the content with proper and detailed strategies to ensure we deliver the best viewing quality to our home audience once we were able to resume production.

We are now in search of new talents for our next season despite the fact we are just at the beginning of our maiden season. The audition is now officially open via online. Do email us your audition video to [email protected] before 30 May 2021."

‘ATNMY’ is supported by Gempak and Ria X as digital media partners. Meanwhile, ERA, HITZ and RAAGA are the official radio partners.

Besides having Sherry AlHadad as the main host, ‘ATNMY’ is bringing in Dewi Remaja 2019, Shaza Bae and Hero Remaja 2020, Nadhir Nasar as the hosts of its capsule programme, ‘Di Sebalik All Together Now Malaysia’.

Go Shop host, Aswad Jalil and social media personality cum actress, Norreen Imam will be paired as hosts of ‘All Together Now Malaysia Live Plus’, which will be aired digitally during the weekly concerts.

The show received 3,000 video submissions online and 214 from the submissions were chosen to partake as solos, duos and groups. Hence, the show has a total of 250 people competing in the maiden season.

Amongst the contestants are Jamal Abdillah’s son, Zaki Yamani; our national treasure, Allahyarham Tan Sri P Ramlee’s granddaughter, Najua P. Ramlee; jingle composer and Tik Tok personality, Ajoi Zainal; dancer and influencer, Baelon; singer Meer Nash and dangdut group, Pancit Sitaya.

The show will be celebrating Astro’s 25th anniversary with a special episode consists of former contestants’ appearances from previous Astro’s productions including Akademi Fantasia, Big Stage, Maharaja Lawak Superstar, The Masked Singer Malaysia, Gegar Vaganza, Ceria Popstar, Kilauan Emas, Golden Melodies and more. Date of the episode will be announced later.

The recording took 33 days to complete, and it took place during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO). All SOPs and guidelines from the ministries were strictly adhered during the production.

One of the biggest challenges during the production was adhering to the tight timeline during the MCO. A huge team was needed, and the production ensured that they managed to contain the capacity and avoided from violating the SOPs as safety was the main priority.

Astro managed to keep the identity of all participants, jurors and hosts secret to avoid any potential leakage of information especially amongst the media outlets.

The fate of each contestant lies in the hands of 50 jurors as judging is based on knock outs. Each jury represents two points. Two last contestants standing will head on to the ATNMY Final and compete for the title of champion. Winner will receive RM50, 000 cash prize and a trophy.

A total of 24 participants will compete in each episode. Each of them will be given 90 seconds to perform. The jurors will be able to score the winners as soon as the first 30th second by pressing the buzzer. They can stand to dance and sing along with performance.

The top three contestants of each episode will be placed on a podium for the final tally. The participant with the highest score will automatically progress to the next round, while the remaining two must compete in the Sing-Off.

Contestants must choose a new song to sing. If a tie occurs, head of jurors, Dato’ AC Mizal will decide the winning performance.