Many filmmakers opt for commercial and mass genres due to their popularity among moviegoers. However, few filmmakers make movies that reflect nothing but life, that were inspired by real-life incidents. These are some of the popular movies that were taken based on true events:

1. Visaranai

Visaranai is a Tamil docudrama-crime thriller that was based on three incidents that happened in 1983, 2011, and 2012. The movie reflects the book 'Lock Up' written by auto driver Chandran based on his personal experience. Back in 1983, Chandran along with his three friends was detained by police and was mercilessly beaten for 13 days for a crime they never committed. In the movie, a few migrant workers were picked up by the police for no crime and were eventually killed in an encounter.

2. Satham Podathey

Satham Podathey is a Tamil psychological thriller film based on a true story that happened in Andra Pradesh in the late 90s. The story revolves around a newly married woman who discovers that her husband is alcoholic and impotent. Upon filing for divorce, the husband kidnaps his wife and fakes a fatal accident to make others believe that she has died while keeping her in isolation.

3. Kaadhal

Kaadhal is a Tamil-language romantic film directed by Balaji Sakthivel, starring Bharath and Sandhya in the lead roles. The story revolves around lovers who eloped and were later separated by the heroine's influential family who got her married to another person. The hero turns mentally ill after taking a hit in the head during the dispute. This story was narrated to the director by the husband of the girl during a train journey.

4. Jai Bhim

Jai Bhim is a socio-political film based on a real-life incident from the 90s. The story revolves around the members of the marginalized Irula tribe who got arrested after being falsely accused, as well as the legal battle that follows after one of them dies in police custody. The case was fought in the court and won by former advocate and Madras High Court Judge K Chandru.

5. Paradesi

Paradesi is an award-winning movie that was taken based on the novel 'Eriyum Panikadu', a Tamil translation of the 1969 English novel 'Red Tea' by Paul Harris Daniel. The film directed by Bala depicts the real-life incidents that happened during the pre-independence days when locals were forced to become slaves in tea plantations.