Malaysia-born Tamil actress Shantini Deva, who's known for her role in Nadodigal, recently hit the headlines after complaining about former Indian minister Manikandan.

Shantini had been in a live-in relationship with Manikandan, who is also a doctor by profession for over five years. They first met when Manikandan decided to partner up with Shantini for a business opportunity in Malaysia. Their friendship soon blossomed into love.

In a recent press meet, Shantini admitted that she knew about his previous marriage but said that he often complained that he was unhappy in marriage and was forced into marrying his current wife.

She sought legal help when Manikandan allegedly sent inappropriate pictures of herself. She wants the pictures to be deleted and the former minister to be brought to justice.

Following Shantini's complaint, the police tried to track Manikandan at his houses at Anna Nagar, Madurai, and Ramanathapuram but failed to meet him.

In a shocking turn of events, his wife Vasanthi lodged a complaint to the police claiming that Shantini is making false allegations on Manikandan to tarnish his image.

Source: The Hindu
Photo Credit: DT Next & The New Stuff