Netizen's favourite Cooku with Comali S2 show is nearing its end very soon, as four finalists will battle among each other in the grand finale next week.

Ashwin Kumar, Kani Thiru and Baba Bhaskar are the three finalists of this season, the the fourth finalist will be chosen from the wildcard round.

In the first part of the wildcard round, it was revealed that both Deepa and Madurai Muthu were out from the advantage round when they were asked to make jilebbi.

Meanwhile, the second part of the wildcard round will reveal the fourth finalists of this season.

Now it is confirmed that Shakeela receives the highest score in the wild card round and re-enters the competition as the fourth finalist of this season. Meanwhile, Pavithra Lakshmi becomes the unexpected fifth finalist to join the show.

Source: Cineulagam
Image credit: Vijay TV