Give all you've got and never give up, and success will surely happen.

This is the "tips" given by Bigg Boss 3 winner Mugen Rao to aspiring artistes today.

The actor cum singer was speaking to reporters in his first ever press conference at a hotel in Petaling Jaya, since his victory in the Tamil reality show.

He was asked if he had any "advice" for those yearning for their big break.

"I'm not old enough to give advice. My 'tips' are don't give up, and if you have the drive, and the focus, go for it, and you will surely get it.

"I started (singing) when I was 13, it took me 10 years to become the Mugen Rao you know today. It (success) takes time, just stay focused on your passion," he said.

Earlier, Mugen said that he staunchly believes that "the universe" awarded him the Bigg Boss 3 win as he had always had a vision that he will make it big one day, and that he believed in his own ability.

To make the victory all the more sweeter, it was Mugen's first ever trip to India.

"I have never visited India before (then) and the Thiruvannamalai temple in Tamil Nadu was my first pit stop there before I entered the Bigg Boss house."

Gave time for self-reflection

On his time spent in the Bigg Boss house, Mugen said it gave a lot of time for the contestants, including himself, to self-reflect.

"105 days is not a short time. As much as there were clashes and fights in the house, they were also a lot of happiness, and unforgettable moments. It was an amazing experience.

"If in the outside world, we are occupied with gadgets and technology all the time, inside (the house) they were no such thing allowed so it gave us constestants a lot of time to self-reflect.

"Besides, wonderful friendships were also forged along the way," he said.

Asked if he has watched any of the Bigg Boss 3 episodes, Mugen replied in the negative, as he would like to "move forward" in life, and not obsess over the past.

When asked if the matured image he projected during the show was his natural temperament or something he put up for television, Mugen replied: "It is my natural attitude. The best way is to remain neutral and play the game," adding that participating in the show had in fact made him bolder and more outspoken.

Mugen further dismissed claims that Bigg Boss 3 was scripted to attract viewers.

"I thought so too when I went in. Trust me, it is not," he quipped.

What next?

Asked on what next after Bigg Boss, Mugen said he will continue to dabble in arts and will guide upcoming talents, through his record label, IBP Studios Malaysia.

When asked if he had any Kollywood movie offers and offers to sing in India coming his way, Mugen played coy, saying "negotiations" are going on, and only that a friend of his, Irfan Zaini, and not him, who had visited the music studio of composer Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Mugen also dismissed claims that said he would use part of his Rs50 lakhs (RM295,027.47) prize money to start his own studio, or donate to cancer research.

"I did not say so, and if it does not come from me, it is not true.

"It has just been a week or so since the end of the show, and I'm fresh out of the (Bigg Boss) house, and I have not decided what to do with the money.

"When I have (decided), I will tell you guys about it," he said.

At the end of the press conference, Mugen also performed bits of his "Sathiyama Nan Sollurendi" song, which became viral during the Bigg Boss 3 show. He is currently working on releasing the full version of the song.