It's been a while since the end of Bigg Boss 3. Bigg Boss Kavin's fans are eagerly waiting for any exciting news from the actor.

From his upcoming projects to his relationship status with Bigg Boss Losliya, the fans can't wait to find out about the latest happenings in his life after the show.

So, for all of you who have been dying to know about what's cooking up for Kavin, we have great news!

Firstly, it has been reported that Bigg Boss Kavin will be joining hands with actor Sivakarthikeyan for his upcoming movie directed by Nelson. He is expected to play an important role in the movie. Here's a picture of the trio meeting recently:

On top of that, it's also rumored that Sivakarthigeyan is going to produce a movie with Kavin as the hero. Kavin's first attempt to enter the big screen failed, however with Sivakarthikeyan by his side, there's a bigger possibility that this time Kavin might make a mark in the cine world as he did in the small screen space with Saravanan Meenatchi.

Well, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Tamil Samayam
Photo Credit: Twitter