Bharathi Kannamma is Vijay TV's popular Tamil serial which depicts the story of a separated couple and their twin daughters.

Rohini Haripriyan and Arun Prasad play the main role, meanwhile, Farina Azad, Rupasree, Rishi Kesav, Akhilan and Kanmani plays the supporting role in the series which is one of the highest-rated soap operas at the moment.

Now Indiaglitz has reported the daily wages of the actors who are playing the main roles in the movie.

It is said that both Roshini, who plays Kannamma and Arun who plays Dr Bharathi receives Rs20,000 (approximately RM1100) per day. Meanwhile, Rupasree who plays Soundarya and Rishi Keshav who plays Venu received Rs15,000 (approximately RM850) and Rs12,000 (approximately RM680), respectively.

Both Farina Azad, who plays Dr Venba and Akilan receive Rs10,000 (approximately RM560) per day for their role, meanwhile, Kanmani, who plays Anjali receives Rs9,000 (approximately RM500) wages per day.

Source: Indiaglitz