Bigg Boss Vanitha is stirring up a storm in the Bigg Boss 3 house ever since her re-entry as the guest. As part of this week's luxury budget task, housemates were required to run 'Bigg Boss Hotel' where they will receive an outsider as a guest.

Vanitha turned out to be the guest and to please her during the task period, housemates had to clean, cook and do chores for her. In her second entry into the show this season, Vanitha has been turning the housemates against each other, starting from Mugen and Abhirami.

As entertaining as it may seem, the housemates are truly facing one of their toughest times in the house. Almost everyone is angry with each other. But, did you know how much is Vanitha getting paid to make this happen in the Bigg Boss house?

It's rumoured to be Rs. 1.5 lakhs (RM 8,800) per day! Previously, Kasthuri was known as the highest-paid female contestant (same amount) in Bigg Boss 3. She was sent in as a wildcard entry to make the show more exciting. However, the actress has been very passive.

Maybe that was the reason why Bigg Boss makers brought in the controversial Vanitha into the house again. So, do you think it's a good idea to put Vanitha back in Bigg Boss, even if it's only for one week?

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Source: Tamil Samayam
Photo Credit: NDTV