Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 has been the talk of the town recently. Viewers were shocked by the unexpected eliminations of Nadia Chang and Abishek in the initial weeks.

Kamal Haasan has been receiving praises for the way he's hosting the reality show this time around. The game is now on between the rest of the contestants.

Despite the increasing hype for the show, it's believed that the salaries of the contestants for this season are reportedly lower than the previous season. Let's take a look at the alleged weekly salaries of the contestants here:

  1. Abhinay Vaddi: Rs 2.75 lakhs (RM15,200≈)
  2. Mathumita: Rs 2.5 lakhs (RM13,800≈)
  3. Priyanka Deshpande: Rs 2 lakhs (RM11,000≈)
  4. Nadia Chang: Rs 2 lakhs (RM11,000≈)
  5. Imman Annaachi: Rs 1.75 lakhs (RM9,600≈)
  6. Abishek Raaja: Rs 1.75 lakhs (RM9,600≈)
  7. Namitha Marimuthu: Rs 1.75 lakhs (RM9,600≈)
  8. Raju Jeyamohan: Rs 1.5 lakhs (RM8,200≈)
  9. Chinnaponnu: Rs 1.5 lakhs (RM8,200≈)
  10. Pavni Reddy: Rs 1.25 lakhs (RM6,900≈)
  11. Varun Kamal: Rs 1.25 lakhs (RM6,900≈)
  12. Akshara Reddy: Rs 1 lakhs (RM5,500≈)
  13. Isaivani: Rs 1 lakhs (RM5,500≈)
  14. Sruthi Jayadevan: Rs 70,000 (RM3,800≈)
  15. Iykki Berry: Rs 70,000 (RM3,800≈)
  16. Thamarai Selvi: Rs 70,000 (RM3,800≈)
  17. Ciby: Rs 70,000 (RM3,800≈)
  18. Niroop Nandakumar: Rs 70,000 (RM3,800≈)

From the unofficial salary list, we can conclude that Abhinay might be the contestant who's earning the highest amount of salary weekly. On the other hand, relatives of Nadia Chang are reportedly disappointed with her early eviction since the salary for two weeks she stayed in the Bigg Boss house didn't even cover the expenses.

Source: News18
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