Since her transition from child artist to grown-up actress, Hansika's trademark has been her chubby looks and cute expressions. But, in recent years, the actress drastically lost weight while still managing to maintain her adorable persona on-screen.

She seems to have beautifully shed her pounds and appears fit and glamorous in all her Instagram posts. Here are a few of them:

? @dhruvkapoor ? @alamwar__hyderabad ? @artem.enterprise Makeup @makeupbyurmikaurr Hair @sankpalsavita Styled by @neeraja.kona Asst by @manogna_gollapudi @sushmitha_bommidi

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? • • • ?- @archamehta ?- @makeupbyurmikaurr ??‍♀️- @sankpalsavita ?- @sumanthtittu

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A sass a day keeps the basics away. ?

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Looking at her photoshoots, we couldn’t help but wonder if she’s spoken about the diet or workout routine that allowed her to slim down.

After digging around the internet, here's what we found:

1. Hansika follows a 1200-calorie diet and takes 8 meals per day.
2. She starts her day with 2 glasses of water and a cup of green tea without sugar.
3. Breakfast is usually a bowl of papaya.
4. Around mid-morning, she has an omelette of three egg whites and multigrain toast.
5. Lunch will usually be boiled vegetables or roti with dhal.
6. Drinking water throughout the day is a must.
7. She has a few biscuits and tea in the early evening.
8. She wraps up the day with a dinner of boiled vegetables or salad.
9. Sundays are her cheat days, but she tries not to go overboard.

Workouts are always fun; she alternates between spinning and swimming, and goes to the gym five days a week for 2 hours every time.

She loves workouts that allow her to use her body as resistance.

Yoga is also one of her favourites as she claims it relaxes her.
If you are not sure about this diet, please consider consulting a doctor or a nutritionist.

Everybody's body is different and no one formula or diet can give similar results for everyone.

Source: Instagram, Times of India & IndiBollywood
Photo Credit: Instagram