Bigg Boss Kavin and Losliya's feelings for each other is one of the most discussed topics of Bigg Boss 3. Since the initial days, they had good chemistry and loved hanging out with each other. Despite showing his interest to Sakshi at first, Kavin soon turned his eyes to Losliya, becoming her close friend.

Now, the duo is inseparable — and it hasn't been going well with the audience. Kavin is seen as an obstacle to her winning the show since he's been the reason for her change of behaviour recently. Many audience members who first adored Losliya, and even created #LosliyaArmy, have slowly stopped showing their support for the news anchor.

But, Bigg Boss ex-contestant Kajal has done the exact opposite. At first, she said Kavin and Losliya's love was illicit ('kalla kathal'), but now she thinks she may have made a mistake.

In her most recent tweet, Kajal admitted she has had a change of mind and doesn't find their love illicit anymore. She further explained that opinions can change in a fraction of second in Bigg Boss and they (Kavin and Losliya) proved her wrong. Take a look at her tweets:

Some speculate Kavin’s close friendship with Sandy might have prompted her to change her mind on this matter. What do you think?

Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Hotstar, Behindwoods & Indiaglitz