Bigg Boss S3 finally ended last month with Malaysia's Mugen Rao crowned as the champion at the end of the season.

During the show, Sri Lanka's Tharshan and Kollywood actress Sherin had good chemistry, to the point that even the viewers wanted to see them end up together.

However, Tharshan was already seeing fellow model Sanam Shetty before the reality show; Sanam had stuck with him even when he was still a struggling artist.

During Tharshan's stay in the house, Sanam posted a video saying she was breaking up with Tharshan after being harassed by fans who wanted to see Tharshan and Sherin together.

Now almost a month after the finale, Sanam has posted on Instagram about holding the door open when someone wants to walk out. Is she indirectly announcing Tharshan has said 'no to her?

Guess we have to wait to find out. Check out Sanam's post here: