Thala Ajith is one of the biggest stars in South India with a huge fan following. Despite staying away from public events, interviews, and award shows, Thala fans are always keeping the actor in the news by sharing any updates about him or his movies.

Recently, a video has been going around social media. It starts with an interview with a much younger Ajith, probably at the beginning of his acting career. In the interview, the star explains how when he's as successful as Rajinikanth, he will put his money and fame to good use by helping people.

Following the interview, short clips of Ajith's good deeds and silent philanthropic activities are explained by some celebrities or personalities from the cine industry. Thala Ajith truly lives up to his fans' respect and admiration. Take a look at the video here:

Source: Ajith Back Bones
​Photo Credit: Filmibeat & Pinterest