Kaajal Pasupathi started her career as a video jockey and is quite well-known among Bigg Boss fans who have been following the show since the first season.

She met Bigg Boss S3 contestant Sandy during the first season of dance reality show Maanada Mayilada. The couple dated and tied the knot in 2008. However, their relationship hit the rocks, and the couple divorced several years later.

Later, Sandy married his longtime girlfriend Dorathy Sylvia many years later, and the couple was blessed with an adorable baby girl, Tasha. Recently, Sandy posted a picture of his wife Sylvia to wish on her birthday. Surprisingly, netizens started attacking Sylvia and accusing her of spoiling Kaajal's relationship with Sandy.

In response to the online harassment, Kaajal came in support of Sandy's wife. She said, "For God's sake, leave them alone. How many times should I tell you it's my frigging mistak? I 've been obsessed then, I've not given him one-bit peace of mind. We got separated by 2012. She has got nothing to do with my divorce, and He's not my husband anymore."

In a past interview, Kaajal admitted she fell madly in love with Sandy because of his sense of humour, but her 'love torture' and possessiveness caused their relationship to fail.

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Galatta Tamil & Suryan FM