Yogi Babu is a famous comedian who've acted along with many leading actors in Kollywood.

The actor who've shot to fame after romancing actress Nayanthara on-screen, started acting as the lead actor in comedy genre movies such as Ghurka and Dharmaprabhu.

Recently, Yogi Babu got married to Manju Parkavi, a girl of his family's choice and settled down happily.

However, a supporting actress namely Suji Pradeepa has posted Tik Tok videos expressing her sorrow over his wedding. The actress who claims to be Yogi Babu's hardcore fan has created many videos previously with Yogi Babu's picture as the backdrop.

Following this, Yogi Babu revealed that he has never met the actress before and advised her to stop making such videos. He further claimed that such videos might create unnecessary tension in both their families.

Now the actress has apologised to the comedian. Check out her videos here: