Ever since VJ Chitra's untimely death, many speculations about her suicide have been making rounds. The pressure from her husband Hemanth and mother was said to be the reason why she decided to take her life.
Her husband Hemanth has been arrested under abetment charges after being interrogated by the police. According to some sources, Hemanth is known to be possessive and jealous. Being a serial actress, Chitra often participates in shows where she was required to dance with her male co-stars. This didn't go well with Hemanth.

It's believed that Hemanth doubted Chitra and went to her shoot to confront her. He reportedly threatened to divorce Chitra. Unable to withstand the humiliation she faced at the shoot because of Hemanth, the actress is said to have taken the extreme step.

Source: Manithan
Photo Credit: Times of India & Wattpad