Aahaa is a famous movie in the 90s, directed by prominent director Suresh Krishna who also gave several other super hit movies at that time such as Baasha, Annamalai and Sathya.

Aahaa is a multi starer movie which had popular casts such has Raghuvaran, Vijayakumar, Banupriya, Sukanya and Delhi Ganesh. Debutant hero Rajiv Krishna played the lead in the movie.

In an interview, director Suresh revealed that he originally wanted to cast Ajith for the role and it was Ajith who recommend Rajiv instead.

"Rajinikanth used to frequent the movie set often, and once the movie got released, he called me up and said Aahaa is one of my best movies of all time," revealed the director.

Rajiv who became famous in the movie didn't sustain long as his other movies was not received well.

Years later, the actor turned into a screenplay writer and wrote scripts for Hindi and Malayalam movies.

Here's how the charming actor looks like now: