In conjunction with Ponggal tomorrow, here's a brief chat with RAAGA host Ahila, who will be seen hosting the Kurumbu Ponggal program, which will premier on Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 231) on 14 January, at 9.30pm.

What are your Ponggal celebration plans this year?

This will be my ‘Thala Ponggal’, my first Ponggal after getting married. Celebrating with my in-laws will be a different experience for me as I’ve only celebrated Ponggal with my immediate family previously.

To celebrate Ponggal with family is always the best. Additionally, the whole week of Ponggal, the RAAGA Kalakkal Kaalai team will carry out different, fun Pongal-related stunts.

Please share your Pongal greetings to your fans.

Wishing all RAAGA fans a prosperous Ponggal. Let’s make this Ponggal a good start in 2021, as we put our past behind us for a positive year ahead.

Celebrate and stay safe while following SOPs during the Ponggal-making ceremony.

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