The Full Movement Control Order (FMCO) currently in force has yet again confined a large segment of the workforce to their homes.

This, of course, includes radio announcers. Here, two announcers - Revathy, and Kogulan, share how they balance their work and life, during this period.

Revathy, who has been an announcer with RAAGA for 19 years, said while she enjoyed working from home during the implementation of the first MCO last year, she started missing the experience of working from the studio after some time.

"Working from home was also a little challenging for me since I had to manage my children who always wanted to be around me.

"However, I learnt to manage those things effectively in order to be more productive while working from home," the host, who hosts two segments - 'Vanakam Raaga' and 'Innikke Enna Kathe', told Astro.

For Revathy, work-life balance is possible, as long 'as there's a will'.

As for the challenges faced during working from home, Revathy said it was during bad weather, where she had to pause recording and continue later due to the noise.

"Secondly, my children always wanted me to either feed them, or play with them. They couldn't understand that I was working from home, and that could be frustrating as I have to record multiple times when there are disruptions.

"However, I learnt to be more patient and COVID-19 has taught me many good things," she said.

Time management is crucial for one a have a healthy work-ife balance, Revathy added. Planning work ahead also helps save time, she said further.

Kogulan, who has been with RAAGA the past three years, finds this episode of working from home more manageable compared to the previous one last year.

"I was able to get connected with my listeners with a simple microphone set up at home, while making full use of my smartphone. It has been quite easy since what we need is already available online," said Kogulan, who hosts the "Vaange Palagalam" segment from 7pm till 12am.

He admittedly finds working from home "refreshing", especially the amazing view of nature from his balcony.

As for the challenges faced, Kogulan said it was producing videos with better sound quality, with the help of technology.

He urged fellow Malaysians to enjoy the experience of working from home, while it lasts.

"We should also sleep, rest, and exercise well to lead a healthy lifestyle."