Napolean was a leading actor in the South Indian movie industry in the 80s. Even though many of the leading actors of his time are still taking up prominent roles in the cinema, Napolean left his successful career.

The actor, however, became the talk of the town once news about his Hollywood entry became viral on social media. The stills of his Hollywood movies became trending overnight.

Over a decade ago, the actor declined many opportunities to star in Indian movies and left his successful political career to settle down in the United States of America.

It is recently revealed that he and his family moved overseas to get treatment for his eldest son Dhanush, who's fighting muscular dystrophy syndrome.

"My son can lead a normal life in the US. Despite the love for my own country and my career, I wanted to stay close with my family and provide them a comfortable life," the actor said during an interview.

Source: Cineulagam and TimesOfIndia