The 2012 Delhi gang rape made the headlines around the world when Nirbhaya, a physiotherapy intern was tortured and gang-raped by 6 strangers on a bus. She died 13 days later.

One of the rapists was said to have committed suicide in the jail, but his family claimed that he was murdered in the jail. Meanwhile, after a long 7 years, four of the convict was hanged on 20th March 2020.

One of the rapists was underaged when this incident took place and was sentenced for three years in a reform facility under the Juvenile Justice Act. He was released in 2015. This created a public outcry as the juvenile was believed to hit Nirbaya with an iron rod, but his identity was kept as a secret and he was released with a financial grant of Rs10,000.

In regards to this, Kasturi tweeted saying one rapist escaped under the 'juvenile' loophole. Here's what she posted:

Source: OpIndia