Reality TV shows aren't exactly famous about showing reality, especially when it comes to the voting process in certain shows.

Most of such shows have been accused of rigging the votes to ensure that the contestants who last the longest are usually the ones who can draw in the most viewership instead of the ones who deserve to go on to win.

It seems like Bigg Boss has been accused of doing the same. Recently, Daniel Anne Pope aka Danny, one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil season 2, claimed in a recent interview that he has his doubts over its transparency after Sendrayan's eviction in the previous season.

Danny said that he knew why he was evicted as he was not popular and made many people unhappy with his behaviour, "But in case of Sendrayan, he was being loved by all. My wife had shown me three unofficial sites which conducted the polls indicating that he would be safe and the result took me by surprise," he mused.

He jokingly wondered whether the voters mistakenly pressed the wrong button. "Audience might have mistaken my picture to Sendrayan and did not to cast their votes in the Hot Star app."

"They say it is a foolproof system and I feel there should be transparency over the process," he said while adding that he might receive a legal notice from the makers of the show for raising questions over the voting process.

Fans also has been questioning its voting process on several social media channels after the recent eviction of Fathima Babu last weekend on Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

Other housemates have accused the show of rigging the votes. Rahul Bhatt, who had participated in Bigg Boss Hindi 4, had called it to be a "scripted show" and indicated that the evictions were not done through public voting.

"I was boring and didn't provide entertainment for the viewers. I can't provide entertainment to viewers at the cost of making a fool of myself. I cannot be what I am not. I am not a monkey like the others. Why would the channel keep me on the show when there was neither a controversy nor a romance linked to me?

I thought I would stay a couple of weeks longer. But when somebody like Seema Parihar has been saved after being nominated thrice and Sara Khan re-entered after being taken out, I realised that it was all being scripted and manufactured to generate TRPs. The evictions are not happening through public voting. I have no complaints because my eviction is justified. I am glad that I have come out of the fake world (of Bigg Boss) into the real world," he said in an interview.

If what they say is true, Vanitha might not get evicted this week despite being one of the most hated contestants on the show now.

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Source: IBTimes
Photo Credit: IBTimes & Galatta