Actor Jayam Ravi's most recent film 'Comali', has received generally good response from the audience and critics. After years of being in coma, Jayam Ravi wakes up one day to find things changed drastically from the last time he remembers. What follows is a fun, emotional rollercaoster ride of a movie that has been doing well in the box office.

During his promotional work for 'Comali', the actor was asked how his wife Aarthi Ravi reacts to his romantic scenes in films.

He replied, "She got used to it. How else she's going to react after this. She comes and sees the shooting spot and she knows we do it professionally. She's not the type who feels like that. She's well-educated and she knows how the industry is. Mostly, the industry is filled with her friends."

There were times Aarti asked about some intimate scenes in which Jayam Ravi seemed closer than usual with the heroine in the film.

"There were times she asked why I'm too close but she was never really serious. I would say it was needed for the film and she just reacts 'Oh wow', that's it," he explained.

Well, it seems like Aarthi is a very understanding wife who knows the perks of her husband's film career and industry. But, is the actor being entirely honest with his reply?

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Photo Credit: YouTube, Deccan Chronicle, Shopzters, Behindwoods & Indiaglitz