Deepavali is fast approaching and the celebrations are going to be made merrier by deejays at your favourite Tamil radio station, RAAGA.

Astro gets of the announcers, namely Suresh Kumar Palaniappan, Ahila Shanmugam, Revathy Bawadas Kumar, Uthaya, and Kogulan Elango (Kogu) to share their plans for this year's festival of lights.

What are your Deepavali celebration plans for this year?

Suresh: This year is a little special to me as I will be celebrating ‘Thala Deepavali’ with my wife, Kuna Sundary, along with my family members.

Ahila: This year Deepavali will be celebrated on a small scale with my immediate family members at my hometown, Johor due to the CMCO in effect.

Revathy: I will be having a small pooja with my family members on Deepavali morning while visiting my mother in the afternoon. Family bonding is a crucial element to me, including spending time with family members during an auspicious celebration like Deepavali.

Uthaya: Not much plans this year including travelling due to the CMCO in effect. I will be celebrating Deepavali at home with my family members and fans at RAAGA studio.

Kogulan: Deepavali this year will be slightly different to me as I will be away from my family due CMCO in effect and it would be a new experience for me. However, I will be enjoying ‘Muruku’ that my parents would be sending via courier.

Can you share how Deepavali celebrations will be different for you this year, in comparison to previous years, especially with the CMCO in effect?

Suresh: I will be celebrating Deepavali at home with my family members while enjoying Deepavali programmes on both television and radio, since CMCO is in effect.

Ahila: This year’s Deepavali will be slightly different for me since I would have gotten married a few days before Deepavali. Newly wed couples celebrate their first Deepavali called ‘Thala Deepavali’ with their husband and in-laws and it is very special and auspicious among the Indian community and similarly, it is to me as well.

Since one of the rituals is for the bride and groom to stay at the bride’s house and receive blessings from the older generation, my husband and I would be doing the same. As such, this would be a memorable Deepavali to me with my immediate family members and my husband after our marriage.

Revathy: Not much difference for me as I celebrate Deepavali with my family members and this year I will be doing the same. I will be visiting my mother at her house which located in the same district as mine. Previously, when my father was around, we used to visit our relatives. But it has been 15 years since we only celebrate amongst family. I believe celebrating Deepavali with family is a true happiness while watching local Deepavali specials on television.

I don’t prefer going out but instead enjoy resting at home and spending time with family members while having prayers. We also prefer to stay home because we are vegetarian on Deepavali and kick start ‘Shasti Viratham’ on the second day of Deepavali, and ‘Ayappan Viratham’ on the third day for about two months, every year. Other than that, we will be also preparing some delicious food to be shared with the an orphanage as an act of goodwill.

Uthaya: This year’s Deepavali will be 360-degrees around for me. It’s not going to be very fun and I did not expect the CMCO to be effective. But I will be celebrating Deepavali on a small scale.

Kogulan: I usually visit the Kluang Deepavali bazaar every year on the eve of Deepavali and I will be missing those memories because I will not be going back to my hometown this year.

Please share your Deepavali message/greetings to your RAAGA fans.

Suresh: Celebrate Deepavali safely. If you plan to visit family and friends, please ensure your safety first. Also, eat more food and have an awesome time with loved ones.

Ahila: Deepavali is all about being together with our family members and relatives. But this year things are little different where we won't be able to see our extended relatives. But still, being with family, if you can, is most important regardless of how the number of people. So, let's all cherish the moments and enjoy what's meant for us. Happy Deepavali to everyone.

Revathy: As we do not know the duration of our lives, let’s live with love, embrace our blessings and improve family bonding.

Uthaya: Celebrate Deepavali with your loved ones, keep social distancing and most importantly, stay home.

Kogulan: I would like to wish my dear friends and family a prosperous Deepavali. A humble request to my fans to celebrate this year Deepavali with much love and happiness while adhering CMCO for the well-being of everyone.

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