Actress and singer Shruti Haasan is presently dating Santanu Hazarika, a Mumbai-based Doodle artist, and illustrator. During an appearance on Mandira Bedi's chat show 'The Love Laugh Live Show', the actress spoke up about her boyfriend and their love story.

Shruti claims that her artistic bond with her boyfriend is the reason behind their love. The actress shared mutual friends with Santanu and saw his art years ago. But they have never met each other. But she's pretty sure they would have crossed paths or been in the same room before without stumbling into each other.

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When the duo started interacting online, she realized that they had many similar interests, including a love of art, Swedish metal band Meshuggah, and graphic novels.

"Everything basically that I love. He fell on this end of the stream where I'm always waiting. It was a very comfortable, natural progression to become friends, become creative collaborators," she added.

The show's host Mandira then asked Shruti to share the characteristics of her ideal partner, to which the actress replied, "I would be looking for compatibility. It means many things. It's just not enough that you love the same things. It's that you have the same set of how you want to approach life, that you don't have major clashes when it comes to finances, religious decisions, ways of life.”

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Shruti also admitted that her current boyfriend Santanu is 80% of the kind of life partner she wishes and he would say the same about her.

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Source: Romedy Now
Photo Credit: Shruti's Instagram & Bollywood Hungama