Yashika Anand is a budding actress and Bigg Boss S2 participant who hit the headlines recently after getting seriously injured in a car crash. In the accident which occurred near Mahabalipuram a few days ago, Yashika's female friend Pavani passed away on the spot.

Yashika is currently hospitalised at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai and has undergone several surgeries due to multiple fractures. She gave her statement to the police on the night of the tragic accident. The actress reportedly drove the car at high speed and lost control.

The police have filed a case against the actress and confiscated her driving license. At first, Yashika's mother admitted that the actress didn't know the passing of her friend Pavani.

But her friend and event coordinator Joe Micheal revealed that Yashika was informed of her friend's death. The actress was cried a lot and was inconsolable. She felt guilty for being the cause of her close friend's death.

Check out Joe Michael's full interview here:

Photo Credit: Chennai Memes & Vijay TV