Actress Namitha kickstarted her career in Kollywood with Vijaykanth's 'Engal Anna', released in 2004. Following her debut, she went on to be part of many famous Tamil films, notably Billa and Azhagiya Tamizh Magan.

In 2017, the actress was seen participating in the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil in the hopes of rebooting her acting career. After the show, Namitha married her boyfriend Veerendra. Last year, she hit the headlines for her weight loss transformation.

Recently, Namitha posted a video expressing her pain and disbelief of what happened to a pregnant elephant in India. The elephant was given a fruit containing a firecracker that exploded and killed her along with the unborn infant. The shocking incident has erupted an outrage on social media.

Talking about the heart-breaking incident, Namitha said that she couldn't sleep or eat well for the past 2 days and has been crying constantly.

"I can't stop thinking about the poor pregnant elephant who died in Kerala. I usually don't talk about my pain, but just thinking about her last moments and last minutes, I can't imagine the pain she must have gone through," Namitha said.

She added that she decided to stand up and speak for the voiceless. She spoke about the incident and how humans are responsible for the troubles such animals are facing.

Watch the full video here:

Enough is Enough ! ? Kindly take very strict actions and punish the culprits. its my humble request to the @cmokerala ? And for all the Haters , Keep on Hating ! No one is Targeting anyone or anything here. Only people with small mindset will even stoop that low to think accordingly. I'm here to Share that Violence is not the way ! I did my full research online, before I made this Video. I got my Facts straight ,Exactly from where you got ! If you are asking me to Get My Facts Right, That means The Whole Internet is LYING ! My sympathies for all those humans who are suffering, but at least there are more Kind people looking after them. But what about these VOICELESS ?!! WHO WILL SPEAK FOR THEM ?!?! Hence I chose to speak for them. I love all beings, and so Knowingly or Unknowingly, or what so ever it is, these kind of Dangerous Snares and Traps should be banned ! there can be many more ways of controlling that situation, why should any Living Being pay the price, with its Life for that ?!?! Don't you tell me that These Animals are coming into their farms and destroying their Crops !!! it is US who is Going into THEIR PLACE AND ENCROACHING IT !! WE ARE Hooligans and Vandals! Not these Animals ! #alllivesmatter #animalsarefriends

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