VJ Manimegalai is a TV host who recently took part in Vijay TV's popular show 'Cooku With Comali'.

The anchor who fails at cooking, recently revealed that she and her husband attempted to cook once for her fellow host Aranthangi Nisha.

"Aranthangi Nisha stayed at my place after a shoot, and I had to cook breakfast for her the next day. I woke up as early as 7 am, had a lengthy discussion with my husband, searched for the recipe and cooked noodles for her. But she didn't look that impressed the moment she looked at the dish," laughed Manimegalai.

"In the show, Rekha couldn't accept the fact that I can't cook even when I'm married for two years. She even pitied my husband for being with me," she revealed.

Check our VJ Manimegalai and her husband's adorable interview here: