Veteran actor cum director Bhagyaraj recently made the headlines when he spoke about how women are the main causes of rape around the country.

During a movie launch, the actor said that women are also equally responsible for rape by quoting a popular Tamil saying that 'Oosi idam kodutha than nool nulayum'.

The director received negative backlash following his statement, and several brutal rape and murder incidences took place happened afterwards in Unnao and Hyderabad.

The director recently touched on the subject again, during the recent 'Naan Avalai Sanditha Pothu' movie audio launch. Although he did not directly speak about the rapes that shook the nation, he sounded unapologetic over his previous statement.

"I don't bother about what others think about me. Even MGR, who respected women, announced me as his successor. I already have a strong reputation as someone who respects women," said Bhagyaraj.

He further said that even people who summoned him after the incident would have regretted it after realizing his true nature.

"I didn't take it as a big deal, and others should not publicize it either," he added.

Check out his speech here:

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