Lokesh Kanagaraj, despite the career-defining success of 'Jailer' for Kamal Haasan, maintains a grounded perspective on box office performance. In an interview with Galatta Plus, he emphasised his indifference towards box office collections, focusing more on the essence of storytelling.

He highlighted that chasing box office records is not a priority for him, acknowledging the transient nature of such achievements in the industry. For Lokesh, delivering a compelling narrative takes precedence over record-breaking box office numbers.

Addressing the light-hearted banter around surpassing 'Jailer's' collection with his upcoming film 'Leo,' Lokesh humorously mentioned conversations with the producer, Lalit. They shared a laugh over the memes and jestingly acknowledged the buzz around box office expectations.

However, Lokesh underscored his primary concern of ensuring the producer's financial success, emphasizing his dedication to delivering a film that doesn't burden the producer with losses.

Following the monumental success of 'Jailer,' a friendly rivalry has sparked among fans of Vijay and Rajinikanth. This arose from Rajinikanth's remarks at the 'Jailer' audio launch, which were misinterpreted as veiled remarks aimed at Vijay, fuelling the ongoing friendly banter between their fan bases

Source / Image Credit : IndianExpress