Yesteryear actress Amala was one of the most sought-after actresses of her time. She was literally worshipped by her fans and gave many memorable performances during her acting career.

Now, her daughter-in-law Samantha is rocking the South Indian cinema industry as well with many commendable performances.

In a recent interview, actress Amala revealed that she doesn't want Samantha to cook at home.

"Pity her. There's no need to cook. When you are in a family of five celebrities, of course, there will be a good chef," Amala explained.

According to Amala, they have an excellent chef and always tells Samantha that she doesn't need to cook.

However, the actress also added that cooking is a stress-reliever for her husband Nagarjuna.

"Nagarjuna enjoys cooking. It's a big stress buster for him. Sometimes, I would prepare everything for him and tune on the music. He will fix himself a drink and he will fix us something (food)," she said.

Seems like Amala and Samantha are getting along very well.

Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: Gulte & Sify