Actress cum Bigg Boss Season 2 contestant Yashika Anand has been in the news after a recent tragic car accident that killed her friend Pavani and left her with multiple fractures.

The actress is currently at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai. She underwent surgeries to fix her multiple fractures and has now been shifted to a normal ward.

According to sources close to her, it will take at least eight months to a year for Yashika to completely recover and walk. Aware of Yashika's long recovery, many of her producers are reportedly considering replacing the actress in their projects.

This news has believed to have cause great distress for Yashika who's already devastated with her friend's death and her current condition. She finally opened up about Pavani's passing and shared a heartbreaking post on her social media. Here's what she said:

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On the day of the accident, the actress reportedly drove the car at high speed and lost control. It has been confirmed Yashika didn't drive the car under the influence of alcohol. However, the police have registered a case against Yashika and are investigating.

Photo Credit: Chennai Memes, Vijay TV & Yashika's Instagram